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The Reality of Podcasting Introduction

Producing your own podcast is a daunting task, and there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there telling you how to do it. Unfortunately, most people never get past their first few shows because they were never told about the reality of podcasting.

To help you get started on the right foot, I’ve put together a three-part video series called, The Reality of Podcasting. In this free series, I share the most common challenges new podcasters encounter and how you can avoid them so you not only complete your first few shows, but keep your podcast going over time.


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Meet David Wolf

David Wolf is a podcaster; podcast/audiobook producer; nationally syndicated radio host; and media entrepreneur, with 30+ years of expertise in creating content for radio, TV, film and multimedia. As a podcast and radio host, he has conducted over 1,000 interviews with experts in marketing, finance, media, non-profits, real estate, insurance and technology, among other industries. His show, Smallbiz America Radio, is distributed on C-Suite Radio and has been syndicated coast to coast on the Biz Talk Radio Network.

His company, Audivita Studios, has partnered with hundreds of clients, including ad agencies, filmmakers and production companies; with such notable names as: Amblin Universal; Children’s Medical Centers; Chuck E Cheese International; Discovery Channel; Disney; Exxon; Frito-Lay; Hit Entertainment/PBS; Miller Brewing; Pepsi; Southwest Airlines; and Texaco, to name a few.


Audivita Studios
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